Decorating your space is essential!

So… You’re going to university, congrats! The nerves and excitement are probably controlling your entire body and if you’re anything like me, buying all your new kitchen stuff and room decor is first on your list of things to get done. And if it’s not then stop right now and reevaluate that decision.

Now having to go out and buy all new decor and things for your new bedroom is not essential, I did buy a few new things for my room in halls but all together I just wanted to make my bedroom feel cosy and well, like home. And that honestly is my top tip for you: View your bedroom as your home when you go, you are really going to need that space to escape and relax and feel comfortable. There’s no point of moving to Uni, with your bedding and clothes and expecting to feel at home when you’re there. Because you honestly do spend A LOT of time in it studying, socialising and of course, sleeping!

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetFor me my necessities were, photographs, blankets and fairy lights, and that is mainly because it gives me memories and comfort whenever I need it, which is pretty much every day! You obviously don’t have to go as far out as I did and have a colour scheme… but i’m one of those people who requires more order when I go shopping so I needed to know the colours I was searching for, I decided on, purple and beige.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetOne of the great things in halls are the noticeboards they give you, I use them to pin up all my photos, fairy lights and academic calendars because one thing to note, you aren’t allowed to stick or hang anything up on your walls, unless you want to pay for any damage when you leave… which wouldn’t be ideal! Oh and use the calendars they give you, being able to cross of the days and know how long you have until holidays and summer is a great visual when you’re feeling down or demotivated and needing a break.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetSo I hope i’ve been able to change your mind about not decorating your room at uni… it truly is essential in my opinion. And it doesn’t have to cost a penny if you don’t want it to! Just one thing to note though… be aware the curtains and chairs they give you in halls are disgusting and won’t match your colour scheme. That was a big problem for me when I got to halls!


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