My Love For The Casual Midi Skirt

So for some mad reason I seemed to think that midi and maxi length skirts and dresses were way too formal and out of place for the UK, however last summer I began to experiment more with lengths and boy were my opinions wrong! Because now anything midi is my favourite for summer… I mean you have no worries about the wind blowing up your skirt, you don’t have to pull it down all the time, it’s just wonderful!

Now my go-to way to make any midi skirt casual and comfortable is to wear a loose graphic tee, it may give your body no shape what so ever, but I seem to do that often anyway… I mean feeling comfortable and confident is always my main goal in my outfits! And I love this bright pink t-shirt because it does just that as well as the colour matching this skirt perfectly… Which is always the dream right?

IMG_6418 1IMG_6433 3

Although this skirt is definitely on the longer length of a midi skirt, well especially seen as i’m only 5’4… It does have a slight high-low hem to it, which I think makes it so much more easy breezy to walk around in too! Honestly though, this skirt has the most beautiful pattern and it’s something that can never really go out of fashion for me, which makes it even more worth the dollar I had to pay for custom fees. But we won’t talk about that right now! I will however suggest you actually take into consideration where you live in the world in comparison to where you’re buying from. Because it’s not as simple and easy as you may think to order clothes from the other side of the world… funnily enough!

IMG_6482 10

Now for one of my all time must haves for a casual look, my Forrest Gump trainers. I wear these with practically every thing and this outfit was definitely no exception! I have found these trainers to be so unbelievably comfortable right from the first wear and the colours can match with any outfit too. I mean I only got these bad boys in February and as you can see, i’m going to wear them until the sole falls off… and then buy another pair to be honest with ya!

IMG_6476 9

So basically if you’re wondering what this blog post is for, it’s main focus is to tell you not to be a fool like me and deprive yourself of the midi length! It is SO perfect for summer, no matter if it’s for a casual or formal event… Now go open up your wardrobe and give it a go, and if you’re ever unsure, just remember a graphic tee and trainers make anything super casual!

IMG_6455 6
Top- Urban Outfitters       Skirt- Arnhem      Trainers- Nike       Sunglasses- Topshop

IMG_6426 2

So once you’ve found an outfit you love and feel confident in, never stop wearing it and doing you:)

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