Back To The Basics

If you know me, you know I love colour and pattern which is great, and don’t get me wrong I still love all of that and I think I always will. But I used to always believe that in order to be ‘fashionable’ you had to have crazy, bold outfits that I just don’t always feel that confident in. However lately i’ve realised just how lovely an outfit looks when its simple, when you’re just wearing your basics.

Right now with this heatwave we’re having in England, when i’m putting an outfit together the main questions I have are, ‘will I get hot wearing this?’ and ‘will this show my sweat?’. Just being truthful… I have that discussion with myself every morning. It’s not a very glamorous one, but it has to be done.

With this new idea in mind, that wearing all your ‘basics’ in an outfit is still ‘fashionable’. Which for me now, looking fashionable and stylish is when you’re walking confidently, with your head held high. And I felt confident in this outfit, I did want to spice it up a little with a trusty head band because I felt the outfit needed a bit more, and its paisley so… you can never go wrong! But that is one of my top tips for you, accessorising can change up your whole outfit, so if you aren’t sure on an outfit, try accessorising and then see what you think!

On this day we were going to a sunflower field where you pay £3 to pick 10 sunflowers… It was honestly a dream come true because I have ALWAYS wanted to go to a sunflower field! It is so beautiful and bright and happy… I just can’t help but smile when I see sunflowers, especially with the magnitude of them in this field! And I clearly wanted to be one with the flowers so I decided to wear a light yellow t-shirt, denim skirt, paisley headband and some simple white trainers. I think I blended in pretty well to be honest, (although I definitely attracted the bees to me… which wasn’t really the idea).


So in case you’re wondering. The whole point of this blogpost was to 1. Remind you of how beautiful sunflowers are and not to take them for granted! And 2. I just want to tell you that everyone has an individual style, some people rock the bold, crazy outfits and it’s awesome. Others prefer the simple, clean look which always looks great and some, (like me), are more in-between the two. But that’s the beauty of fashion… you like what you like and you wear it. And as long as you feel confident in it, than nothing else matters!

Published by Maisie Thompson

Hey I’m Maisie, a 20 year old Journalism student with a love for writing, fashion, travel and more... Welcome to my blog!

30 thoughts on “Back To The Basics

  1. I wore almost the same exact outfit few days ago!:D
    I love basic not only in summer but for the rest of the year to. You always look put together when you wear simple pieces.:)
    Loved this post and so happy I discovered your blog ❤

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  2. That field looks like a dreeeaaaam. I love sunflowers so much! The photos of you are gorgeous, I love the more simple approach to fashion! I myself am a simple gal when it comes to clothing too, I just feel like you can play around with it more and mix and match items! Great post x


  3. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful field of sunflowers! You are totally rockin’ that outfit. I love the denim skirt & paisley is one of my fave patterns! ♡


  4. ohmygod, where is this field? I WANT TO GO AND PICK SUNFLOWERS! I love the photos you got and I love the outfit! Personally, I think basics are great for really chic looks – and like you said, it’s all about being comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing anyway xx


  5. You look so beautiful and those pictures are really beautiful 😍 I love sunflowers so much 💕🌻 I love comfortable oufits. I also always thought like you have to wear something special to be beautiful which is just stupid. You wear what you want 😊 Simple is more ❤


  6. This post is exactly how I feel! I like classic, simple clothing (love my basics), and I use to always worry that I had to be more daring and bold. When really, style is not about that. I love this look and think these are beautiful photos! Sunflowers remind me of when I was a child in art class. I remember going on an art school trip and choosing a sunflower picture to paint. Lovely post! xx

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    1. I’m so glad you could relate! It’s nice to know it’s not just me who thought like that… simple outfits are becoming my favourite right now:) And that’s a really lovely story, I’m glad you enjoyed… thank you so much:)

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