Favourite Outfit | July

So as July has drawn to a close i’ve decided to start up a new series on my blog, my favourite outfit of the month. I mean it’s only fair to give the pieces I’ve been wearing all the time a moment in the spotlight right?

So without further ado, here is my favourite outfit for the month of July…

July has been a HOT month (apart from the fact that on the day we were taking these photos it started bucketing down, of course! haha) but skirts and vests have been a must to keep me nice and cool… Plus both these pieces were bought in the sale and I became a little obsessed with them!

So on this day me and my best friend were meeting up to get some lunch and then my boyfriend and I went out for dinner in the evening, and I must say this skirt is very forgiving for a food baby… It has a paper-bag waist which is all on trend right now and I think the beige really matches well with the vest without being too matchy-matchy, ya get me?

As I said earlier, it started raining on this day so I (and everyone else) obviously had to go to Poundland to buy an umbrella and of course I got it to match with my outfit… Do you know why? Because i’m sad, thats why! Anyway… here are the links to all my outfit pieces in case you’re interested at all! So my top is from AllSaints, my skirt is from Mango, unfortunately I couldn’t find it online… however here is a similar one from TopShop, and my shoes are obviously Converse.

Honestly though I have LOVED this outfit, I feel extremely confident in it, so much so that i’ve been wearing it to work, day trips out, evenings in pub gardens and just wherever I can… Plus because of the colours it’ll still be perfect to wear in autumn… just put some tights, boots and a jacket on and i’ll be good to go:)

So let me know, what has your go-to outfit been this July?

And I will speak to you all later:)

Published by Maisie Thompson

Hey Iā€™m Maisie, a 20 year old Journalism student with a love for writing, fashion, travel and more... Welcome to my blog!

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