My week in photos

Hey there guys! Sorry for no blogpost last week… I was a little disorganised, oops! But for this week I want to share some of the photos from the awesome, fun filled week I had with my family:)

Saturday 25th

So on Saturday I spent time with my boyfriend before coming home to pack for my trip to Suffolk to see some of my family! And I also finally finished the book I was reading, it’s called ‘You Do You’ by Sarah Knight and I highly recommend it… it’s funny and inspirational and a great read all round!

Sunday 26th 

So Sunday was an early start but I was going to see my family so I didn’t really mind! After quite a long car journey my mum and I finally arrived at my auntie’s house, and it wasn’t too long before me and my cousin Georgia had to get ready for her 19th Birthday Party! It was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time, including our mums!

Monday 27th

Monday was a recovery day from the night before, we just relaxed and went on a little walk before having to say goodbye to my Mum, as she was travelling home that afternoon.

Tuesday 28th 

Georgia’s birthday finally came around and to celebrate we went out for a bit of lunch, she had a pesto pasta salad with a white chocolate milkshake whilst I had a vegan cheese and pizza sauce toasty, with a coconut latte! It was delicious! After a great lunch we came home to get ready to go out for drinks with a few of her friends… We were practically laughing the whole night and have tonnes of funny stories and memories:) It was a great day and I really enjoyed getting to celebrate with Georgia on her special day!

Wednesday 29th 

Wednesday was another travel day, Georgia and I had to catch multiple trains but finally made it home to mine, watched Bake Off and then went straight to sleep!

Thursday 30th 

Thursday was another relaxing day, however in the evening we did go to the funfair, but after a few spinny rides we both felt incredibly sick and had to come home! hahaProcessed with VSCO with c9 preset

Friday 31st

Friday was a busy shopping day with my mum and Georgia, and then a visit to my Grandparents which is always lovely to do:)

Saturday 1st

So on our last day we took a trip to Brighton… Went shopping, obviously had to go to photomatic because the photo booths and props are awesome! And then ended the day with some black ice cream from Soft Republick before heading home.

I had an absolutely lovely week and created so many more memories with my family, which i’m so thankful and grateful for!

Anyway thanks for reading… I’d love to hear about your week if you want to chat about it down in the comments, that’d be awesome:)


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12 thoughts on “My week in photos

  1. This is such a great post, I definitely enjoyed it a lot! I think for me, reading posts that have a strong visuals makes it all the more fun and you definitely succeeded! Also, the pictures of you and your friends are beyond cute, it looks like you had an incredible week x

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