Let’s have a catch up

Wow, okay, so hey guys! Long time and umm… well no blogposts from me!

So if any of you follow me on Instagram (maisiethompsonblog) you might have seen that for 3 of the weeks in September I was in Disney World Florida with my mum and brother! It’s absolutely amazing and also the place we go to for our family holidays every 3-4 years:) Anyway yes, so before we left I had it all planned out to write blogposts for when I was away but low and behold… time went by so quickly and I had not done so! And now over a month later (I am so sorry) i’m finally back!


So today’s post is just more of a catch up with some photos from the magical holiday (I hope you don’t mind). Basically life has been pretty busy but pretty awesome the past month! My boyfriend and I went to Friendsfest in Brighton, then 2 days later I flew off to Disney World from September 9th until September 30th… the holiday was truly magical! And don’t worry because blogposts about it are coming + Disney vlogs over on my youtube channel!! (Of which i’ve just started editing the travel day) So stay tuned for all of that.

Anyways, after one pretty fantastic holiday we travelled back home and then two days later I packed my things from home and moved back to Uni for my second year… I’ve been back at uni for a week now and I am happy to say it’s been going very well:) One new thing i’ve learnt about myself is how much I love to be busy and have things to do everyday, just last year I loved not having any plans but now… I dread those days! I mean every Wednesday is my day off from Uni but in my bullet journal I wrote a list of things for me to do today just so I don’t get completely and utterly bored! I must say I love this change for me… my days feel so much more productive and I have been having the best nights sleep.


Umm so that’s been my month really! haha I don’t know if it sounds busy to you but it’s honestly just been go go go for an entire month and i’m not too sure it’s gonna calm down for a while… However I do love structure and routine in my days so don’t worry, posts and videos will be coming every week! And if not then i’ll let you know on my Instagram if you wanted to go and follow me over there… plus it’s still currently an ode to Disney! As I like to pretend like i’m still there (does anyone else do that after a holiday or is it just me?)! haha

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Anyway if you’ve read this far… congratulations to you!

I just wanted to say that I would really love some help to know what you want to see on my blog, as I said you’re gonna have plenty of Disney posts but now i’m back at uni I was wondering if you wanted any posts about uni? Whether it’s studying, room decor, organisation, making the most of your time and what not… So if you would like to be the best humans ever please let me know:)

Thank you all so much! I hope you’ve all been well and I will be back very soon!


Published by Maisie Thompson

Hey I’m Maisie, a 20 year old Journalism student with a love for writing, fashion, travel and more... Welcome to my blog!

9 thoughts on “Let’s have a catch up

  1. Love this post ❤️I missed your posts on here. I loved to follow your travel on Instagram. Disney World looks amazing. I would love to go 😍 Beautiful pictures. I’m looking forward to see your posts about Disney too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey girl!! Sounds like you’ve been quite the busy bee! I’m so looking forward to all of your Disney post & it’s so good that Uni is going good for you so far. 🙂

    As for future posts; I love Uni room tours!

    Liked by 1 person

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