Let’s have a little chat about ‘our thing’

Hey guys, hows it going?

I wanted to write about something a little different today… because as you may know by now, I love ranting about whats going on in my mind!

So i’ve been back at university for a month now and one thing I have heard all of my lecturers ask us in this time is, ‘What is your thing? What do you want to write about? What is your niche?’ And in all honesty I thought I knew… but it turns I don’t. And it has been playing on my mind ever since they’ve started asking. Because I’ll admit it, I enjoy having things planned out, I like to picture something in my future and know what i’m aiming towards. Otherwise I feel like I have no purpose.

Like I said, i’ve been thinking about this A LOT. I mean what is my thing? What are my hobbies? What do I love doing? And that is the main question for me, what do I love? Because most probably like all of you, I want my future career to be something I adore, something that I constantly put 110% effort into because I just love doing it!

And so I started thinking… I love to make people happy, to bring joy into people’s lives and give advice where I can. I love fashion and expressing myself through clothes, I love music and comedies, chick flicks and Disney. I love taking long walks, drinking coffee, being independent, writing, going to new places and experiencing new things. And as of currently, I don’t know how I can put that into a ‘niche’! And I don’t know how I can make all of that just ‘one thing’.

Because how, in all honesty, can you decide on one topic? One hobby or interest and think, ‘That’s it. That’s what i’m going to do forever’…. And that now has me questioning whether i’ve actually found my ‘thing’ yet? Perhaps I haven’t but when I do, I’ll know.

But something i’ve learnt since this whole university experience began, is that I change my mind a lot. I changed it about 5 times when choosing what University to go to, I changed it 3 times when choosing what journalism degree I wanted to do, and I’ve changed it about 10 times since starting uni and trying to decide on what genre of journalism I want to write about. (Plus i’ve also thought about dropping out of uni about 50 times when it all gets too stressful!) But we won’t talk about that…

However, as of right now I’m going to keep writing about all of the topics that I love and have an interest in on this blog. And until I come up with ‘my thing’ I’ll just keep doing what makes me happy and just hope it all comes together soon! Because I don’t want to define myself just yet, it’s incredibly daunting and I’m kind of scared of the idea. But hey, as long as I can still do the things I enjoy… I’d say i’m pretty lucky:)

Thanks for reading another one of my mind rants! I hope it was somewhat helpful and not incredibly boring or too long… Have you ever felt this way before? Because i’d love to know it’s just not me who feels this way!

So I hope you’re all well! And i’ll see you next week.


Published by Maisie Thompson

Hey I’m Maisie, a 20 year old Journalism student with a love for writing, fashion, travel and more... Welcome to my blog!

16 thoughts on “Let’s have a little chat about ‘our thing’

  1. I feel you hunny! I had/have the same problem!! I never knew what my thing was at uni and certainly still don’t now aha it just equates to feeling lost!!! I hope you find your ‘thing’, but also know your ‘thing’ can keep changing and evolving and that’s also cool 😀 Ps. these are beautiful photographs! xo

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  2. Giiiirl, I’m 23 and still feel like that! I can for sure tell you you’re not alone.
    I’d say this is normal and a part of growing up but sometimes, I’ll admit – it makes me anxious.
    I love fashion, I like to make others happy, I like architecture and design, wraping presents, and curently studying civil engeneering at Uni and million other interests. Like how can all of that even make sense? Well honestly, I don’t really know – yet.

    My dream is to have something on my own that combines everything I like to do but until then I’m working towards that big dream of mine, making priorities (because I think it’s one way of finding ‘your thing’) and grabbing opportunites that come along. xx

    Bdw, photos are super cute!!:)

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    1. Yes I’m so glad you understand where I’m coming from! We’re in such a similar situation and it is difficult sometimes to stay calm and patient about how everything’s going to work out… But I totally agree with you and am definitely going to take your tips onboard:) thank you so much for reading💛

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  3. I exactly feel the same way so you are not alone in this ❤️ Beautiful post lovely. I think we can be many things because we are always changing in life. One moment you like this, the other moment that and it’s okay because we grow as a person. I love writing, singing, travelling, surfing and so many other things so to turn that into one is difficult. We are all just finding our way. You will get there too. I also don’t know it yet.

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