How To: Keep Warm but Stay Fashionable

Hey guys, so today i’m finally writing another fashion blogpost and I am very excited about it! Seen as it’s getting pretty cold outside I thought i’d talk about layering your outfits in order to stay warm, but still look stylish… because believe me, for years I would just wear the most boring, ugly outfits because I knew I would just be putting a big coat on top of it anyway! But no more! And hopefully this post will help you out a bit if you’re struggling with what to wear this winter…

So layering isn’t that difficult at all, scarfs and hats are obviously a simple way to keep warm and recently i’ve noticed a lot of people wearing oversized hoodies underneath their smarter coats, which is such a great look and the contrast between causal and smart keeps it stylish, as well as keeping you comfortable and cosy!

My go-to layering move right now has been roll necks and graphic t-shirts, i’m definitely most comfortable in more casual outfits like this! Because in the winter the last thing I want to be wearing is skirts and dresses, as my legs just get way too cold. So for me, jeans are my best bet, though I am a lover of loose trousers too.

So you can buy roll necks and graphic tees everywhere and depending on the quality of them, you can get really affordable ones too (obviously), my roll neck is from New Look and my t-shirt is from Pull&Bear, although I bought this one in the Christmas sale about two years ago now! However shops are always selling new band tees.

Now for coats, I always say the bigger the better! If it’s oversized and long, or furry and soft on the inside like mine is, then you’re onto a real winner! Once again my coat is from the post Christmas sales a couple of years ago (sorry), but aviator jackets are still everywhere right now. Mines from Warehouse and they do have a few similar ones on their website if you’re interested:)

And lastly, if you want to look like a toasty little marshmallow like myself in this photo, then get a thick knit beanie (the thick knit ones make all of the difference) and get yourself a soft scarf, having one in a neutral colour is also a good move because it means you can wear it with absolutely any outfit! But for maximum toastiness wear boots or high top trainers rather than low tops, because although it might only be the ankle showing, you still get cold! Trust me on that one!

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