Rustic Gift Wrapping

Hi guys! So today I want to talk to you about something i’ve become very passionate about, and that is… wrapping Christmas presents! (Yeah I know how cool that sentence makes me sound)

Most years I like to get super festive and loud wrapping paper with Santa and snow and reindeers all over it! But this year I wanted to tone it down and do a rustic, minimal look for my wrapping. And I have loved wrapping all the presents i’ve bought for my family and friends because of this:)

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So all of my wrapping tools cost £5.50 in total which is a bargain over all (because wrapping paper can be pretty pricey!) But everything apart from the gift tags were from Flying Tiger, I recommend you all check out this shop if you can because it does the quirkiest and coolest things for such affordable prices…. I always love having a look in there:)

Brown paper instantly makes your gift wrapping a lot more rustic looking, and you can find brown wrapping paper a lot easier these days, my roll was only £2 and wrapped up all of my presents. Next up, depending on the colours you prefer, get yourself some twine! If you want to do ribbon then of course you can, but the twine adds to the theme a bit better. I went for red as I felt like it would keep the festive look, (plus it matches with my gift tags). Oh and I got the gift tags at a Christmas fair, they were handmade and £1.50 for a pack of six:)

Lastly, and this is completely optional because I think the presents already look really cute with the twine and gift tags, but adding some holly or pine leaves really just makes the wrapping that little bit more special! Mine was fake because I couldn’t afford to buy the real stuff! haha but I got this whole garland of holly for £1 and I think it looks really sweet and festive. Plus with it being fake, it means you can change the shape of it and be a bit more creative with how you present it:)

And there we go, your rustic, minimal gift wrapping is complete! And didn’t break the bank either:) I honestly had a great time wrapping all of my presents like this… it’s actually quite therapeutic! And I definitely recommend you all trying out your wrapping like this one year, but of course the super jazzy and christmassy gift wrapping is a great idea too!:)

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