Christmas Day Outfit Ideas

Hi there guys, so for my last Christmas blogpost of 2018 I wanted to give you some outfit ideas for Christmas Day… I have 3 looks to show, Festive, Formal and Casual! So depending on what your day is going to be like, hopefully this will help you with some ideas of what you could wear:) But of course spending Christmas in your is also great!


So nothing screams festive like a Christmas jumper! I got mine quite a few years back from Tommy Hilfiger but as you all know, you can buy Christmas jumpers everywhere! Or you could even make your own:)

Instead of just paring my Christmas jumper with jeans, which always looks nice if that’s what you are going for this year! But for my look I wanted to mix it up a bit and go for these checked trousers because they also remind of Christmas (don’t ask why) and they’re rather comfortable too, which is a must for Christmas Day! Mainly because of all the food you’re going to be eating!

I know this paring might not be for everyone, the pattern sizes are rather similar so you may think it looks a bit like pyjamas! haha But you’ll definitely be one of the most festive looking family members!


If you’re going somewhere fancy or just feeling a little fancy this year, then I would always suggest that midi skirts (or dresses) are a great idea! Add some velvet to the mix and you are one super fancy gal.

I adore this rusty orange skirt I got from H&M the other year, the colour is so gorgeous that I wanted it to be the main piece of this look, and so I kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple. For me a black polo neck and black boots were the perfect combination to this look. Because sometimes it is nice going all out with a bunch of different colours and patterns, but if you want one piece of your outfit to really stand out, then keeping the other articles a neutral colour is always the best idea:)


And now the casual look, which is probably my favourite and something that i’ll be going for on Christmas Day this year! So as you may have noticed, black polo necks are one of my favourite winter pieces, they keep you warm, look cute, and match with any outfit:) I personally find jeans the most comfortable to wear too, so of course they’ve got to be a part of this look.

Seen as it’s Christmas we’ve got to add a pop of red somewhere and this cropped cardigan from Brandy Melville is super comfortable, as well as adding a festive, yet retro touch to the look! And of course, it’s not a casual outfit without some trainers:)

So this outfit is also rather simple but it’s always a trusty look to go for, and you’re still making an effort whilst remaining very comfortable and relaxed. So if that’s your style too, then I definitely recommend:)

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