My 2018 Review

So as 2018 is drawing to an end I wanted to review the year and I must say, it’s been a pretty great one! (Disclaimer: This review is of my year and not to do with anything that’s happened in the world or politically, it’s meant to just be a positive post that I hope inspires, and helps you guys to remember all of the wonderful times, and memories this year has brought you!)

1. I passed my first year at University. The first year of uni was challenging but in June I finished my first year and passed with grades I am extremely proud of. And now i’m in second year, living in a house with some of my friends and learning to take care of myself better than I did in first year.

2. I’ve spent a lot of time with family and friends, travelled to a load of different areas in England with them and feel like i’ve somehow become even closer to them all (which I didn’t even think was possible, as we are all already so close).

3. My boyfriend and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary and I have learnt a lot this year about myself, (I know that sounds unbelievably cheesy but it is true). Being in a relationship means you’re no longer just thinking about yourself, but you’re always taking someone else’s thoughts and feelings into account. And in everything we’ve been through together this year, we have so many amazing memories together and i’ve learnt a lot, especially how I deal with situations and working on not reacting instantly, but taking my time and thinking logically. Basically i’ve noticed many things about myself I just hadn’t been aware of before. He has brought me out of my shell and I don’t think i’ve ever felt as happy as I have this year! Okay enough of this cuteness…Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

4. Disney World Florida! Me, my mum and brother went back to Disney World this year, it’s our most favourite place to go and we had an amazing holiday! We stayed at a Universal hotel for part of the holiday which we’ve never done before, and we visited and explored so many new places! I still wish I was there right now but we have so many photos and videos of the holiday that we can look back on, which I love. It was a truly magical holiday and we already can’t wait to go back again in a few years time:)

5. This might sound like a silly one but the weather in England this year has been amazing! It snowed!!! Which is my absolute favourite and then we had a heat wave in the summer! The weather has never been so perfect here and it was a great time.

6. My boyfriend and I went to Friendsfest! Now Friends is one of our favourite shows so I got us tickets to go to the Friendsfest in Brighton and it was amazing! We saw and got to take photos in all of the different apartments and Central Perk coffee house and I loved every minute of it. I’ve re-watched Friends over and over again so actually getting to see what it all looked like in real life was amazing and getting to experience it with someone who loves the show as much as me made it even better!

7. So this year i’ve grown in confidence so so much! I’m so proud of the person i’ve become. Earlier on this year I shared my blog on my Facebook so all my family and friends could see it. That may not seem like a big deal to most people but it was a HUGE step for me, because I used care too much about what people thought of me and especially of what they thought about my writing! But since I did that I just don’t care anymore, because all the people closest to me and that I want in my life were so positive about it, and that has completely changed the way I feel about sharing my work and what i’m proud of. This year really made a huge difference to the way I am in the most positive aspects! And I am so grateful for it!

Now there are probably so many more memories and little things i’m forgetting to put down, but as I said, this year has been great! And I hope you have all had a wonderful year too… Now it’s on to 2019 and let’s welcome in the year positively, I can’t wait to see what it brings:)






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