Top 10 Uni Student Foods

Hi there guys! Sorry i’ve been gone for a while, but it’s been a busy few weeks and I needed to get my life back in order and organised again before I could even think about getting my blogposts up weekly! However I am back today with a really fun blogpost because it is a collaboration with the lovely Ashlyn, make sure to check out her blog, she posts some awesome content and she is also doing a blogpost about the top foods for American teens:)

So if you don’t know, i’m a second year uni student from England and there are some foods that practically ALL students eat, or at least have in the back of their cupboards! So today I am going to share these with you… hopefully this should be pretty entertaining and make you realise the glamorous lives us students lead! haha

1. Super Noodles! I can’t even tell you how often I ate super noodles in first year of uni, but it was a ridiculous amount! They’re just so quick and easy to make, you just pour hot water on them and then shove them in the microwave for a few minutes and voila! You have your lunch, or dinner sorted!

2. Pesto pasta now this was like a gourmet meal for me to make in first year… And it’s a go-to for me to make now in second year! Plus if you make a big batch of it for dinner then you’re sorted for lunch the next day:)

3. Dominos…. Ahh the perfect takeaway for every student house! Two for Tuesdays is the best thing ever and when no one wants to cook, Dominos is a go-to!

4. McDonald’s, now I try to reduce my mcdonald’s intake but mcdonald’s is a great hangover cure, also a perfect lunch on a lazy day. Or for me, it’s the place to go for an awesome strawberry milkshake!

5. Frozen Pizza, so obviously domino’s all the time would be a lot of money! So a frozen pizza is a must in most students weekly shops… and i’d be shocked if there wasn’t at least one pizza in our freezer in first and second year!

6. Nando’s. This is basically every students fancy dinner out! Nando’s is a very popular place for students to go and eat, or for anyone actually… but you can never go wrong with a cheeky Nando’s! haha

7. Toast, so this kind of sounds like common sense really! But honestly toast is a great thing to eat as a student, I mean you can make buttered toast if you’re not sure what you want to eat, jam on toast for breakfast is always a good idea and then a simple beans on toast or spaghetti hoops on toast for a quick and lazy dinner!

8. Wetherspoons. If you meet a student who’s never been to spoons then do not trust them! haha. Honestly though, you’ll find most students at Wetherspoons pretty often, the food is cheap and cheerful and you always get large portions, which is the main reason most students love it!

9. Breakfast Bars, now this might be one that’s just relatable to me… But I absolutely love breakfast bars! They’re so tasty, and if you’re running late in the morning they’re a great breakfast. Plus I usually buy them as my daily snack option… Like I said, I love breakfast bars! haha

10. Coffee. Now granted this isn’t food… But could I possibly do a list of the top 10 things uni students rely on, without mentioning coffee? I love coffee and drank it before I started uni but I can tell you now, almost every person who starts uni becomes a coffee drinker! And if you can go the whole time without relying on coffee at some point of your student experience, then I tip my hat off to you!

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Uni Student Foods

  1. I have a guy in my apartment building who literally has pizza Seeing all of those empty pizza boxes definitely put me off pizza for a while but especially in exam season takeout in general can be so time-saving. I try to cook one fresh meal a day though because it’s easy to fall into the trap of just ingesting crap. Great post!

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    1. Oh my goodness really? I mean I love pizza but I definitely couldn’t eat it everyday! Yeah so true, in second year I’ve been really good at actually making myself dinners and eating lots of fruit and veg because in first year I just ate ready meals and takeout all the time! Thank you for reading my post☺️


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