The Ethics of Fashion: How Vintage trends have helped

Vintage and retro looking clothes and outfits never go out of fashion, in fact all the latest fashion trends these days seem to be repeats of decades past. Many high street shops are selling pieces of clothing that look very retro and vintage, but the best way to really dress for a ‘vintage’ look, is to shop second hand clothing.

There are so many shops these days with vintage clothing, from designer brands to brands some of us have probably never heard of because well, we’re just too young! Although yes, sometimes it’s easy to think to ourselves, “Why would I spend £20 on an old top made 30 years ago?” Really you should be thinking to yourself, how great the quality must be for it to still be wearable now.

midi skirt
I bought this skirt from Sue Ryder Vintage last Spring for £3, it’s a bit too big for me but that can easily be fixed, and it’s now one of my favourite skirts to wear on a warm Summer’s day.

Wearing vintage, second hand clothing is also extremely good for the environment, you’re wearing something again, reusing it, giving it a second life. Which is a lot better to do than throwing it away for it to probably end up at a landfill site for the next 30 years.

And if you buy a vintage piece that needs a bit of tlc then you can use the fabric to make something new, after all some people build whole businesses around taking old pieces of clothing, and making them into something more modern.

So the next time you want to get something that looks retro, don’t head to the high street for a replica, go to charity shops, thrift shops, vintage shops, car boot sales. There are so many places out there for you to shop for vintage and retro clothing.

A few of my favourite places to go:

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