The Ethics of Fashion: My Favourite Ethical Bloggers


I want to give some attention to some of my favourite ethical bloggers, their Instagram accounts are incredibly informative and inspirational. They also all have lovely and creative photos. (All of their names are links to their Instagram accounts, so just click on them to get taken straight to their Instagram page).

lauren engelke


1. Lauren.Engelke aka (The Sustainable Stylist)

All of Lauren’s posts are so positive and bright, she knows so much about sustainable brands too.




the green hub


2. Kira Simpson aka (Thegreenhub_)

Kira is extremly informative about ethical fashion, she posts gorgeous photos with captions teaching you something new about the ethical side of fashion daily.




milla tawast


3. Milla Tawast aka (millatawast)

Milla is releasing her own ethical clothing brand soon and all her pieces are so effortless and chic, she also does lots of posts to give you an insight into what it looks like to be setting up your own business.




sedona christina


4. Sedona Christina aka (sedonachristina)

Christie also posts such positive photos with informative captions, she’s all about slow fashion and low waste.




ethical unicorn


5. Francesca Willow aka (ethicalunicorn)

Francesca knows so much about sustainable living, all of her Instagram posts teach you something new and all her photos are so lovely too.




Do you guys have any favourite ethical bloggers? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to find even more accounts like this 🙂

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