The Ethics of Fashion: Charity Shop Challenge

I’m already a big fan of shopping in charity shops, so I wanted to challenge someone who doesn’t go to them, to see if they can find an outfit they would genuinely wear, that’s not from the high street.

chelsea 2


SUBJECT: Chelsea Cogdell


BIO: 19 years old, student, enjoys going out and playing sports, some of her favourite places to shop are River Island, Miss Selfridge, Missguided and Quiz.



Before starting this challenge Chelsea said, “I never saw myself shopping in charity shops, I didn’t think any of the clothes would appeal to me. When I picture a charity shop I think of old clothes and stuff that nobody really wants.”

With this opinion I knew she’d be the perfect person to challenge, so I gave her £10 and asked her to put an entire outfit together from a charity shop. This amount of money wouldn’t even really allow you to buy an entire outfit from the high street shops.

charity shop.JPG
Chelsea looking through all the clothes in her local charity shops

Chelsea looked around 4 charity shops in total, finding something she liked in everyone, but in the end she went back to the Marie Curie charity shop to pick up her favourite piece she found, an aztec printed jumpsuit, perfect for the warmer months and her upcoming holiday in the summer, and it was only £5.20.

price label

After the challenge finished Chelsea said, “My mind has been changed. Some of the clothes I saw and found are actually decent. Especially the jumpsuit I bought, I can’t believe how cheap it was and it’s so comfortable too.”

So at the end of the challenge I asked Chelsea if she would ever go to a charity shop again to buy her clothes, to which she replied, “I would definitely shop at a charity shop again, you can get cheap clothes that are nice quality and pretty different to the things I can usually buy in the high street shops.”

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