The Ethics of Fashion: How to improve the part you play


So chances are many of the clothes in your wardrobe were not made in ethical circumstances, however that doesn’t mean you have to go and throw everything out, you’ve already bought them, so keep wearing them!

But there are some small steps you can take to stop consuming into fast-fashion for the future, and here’s a list to help you on your journey to a more ethical wardrobe:

1. Less is more, rather than buying 10 things that you don’t really need, try investing in one or two well made, more expensive pieces that you’ll wear more, and will last longer.

2. Ethical fashion brands, more and more ethical fashion brands are coming out these days, the clothing is quite expensive, but knowing you’re wearing something that was made ethically, with organic material is so much more important. The Good Trade  have lots of information about different ethical fashion brands you can shop at.


3. Charity, Vintage and Thrift Shops. Not everything you buy needs to be new, and just because something is second hand doesn’t mean it’s not good quality. If you’re lucky and dive deep enough into the rails of these shops, chances are you can find some designer pieces, for a fraction of the price!

4. Research, hopefully these articles have helped you gain more knowledge on the ethics of fashion and understanding the process of how clothes are made. But doing some more research never hurts… I highly recommend you watch The True Cost, it’s a documentary available on Netflix, and is extremely informative.

5. Wear, wear, wear. No matter whether your wardrobe is full of high street shop clothes, the way to not be a consumer of fast fashion, is to not feel the need to constantly be buying new pieces. Wear the clothes you already own, spend some time creating new outfits from the pieces already in your wardrobe, rather than buying something new.


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