Styling Snake Print Trousers: 3 Outfit Ideas

So I never thought i’d be sat here typing away about how much I adore wearing snake print trousers but here we are… I blooming love snake print! I bought these trousers back in January and I definitely have got my money out of them. They’re so comfortable and go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe! And seen as animal print is going to be huge this autumn and winter, I thought i’d do a post on how I like to style them.

Now let’s get started with these 3 outfits:


A graphic t-shirt and loose fitting trousers is always what I tend to lean towards when i’m picking out an outfit! Because comfort is key and believe me, this outfit is super comfy! The t-shirt is loose and soft just like the trousers, which I love because I find loose fitting trousers so much more comfortable and easy to wear! In fact, I don’t actually own very many skinny jeans or trousers because frankly, I find them very uncomfortable to move around in all day! So loose fitting clothes are a must for me.

Now, I thought this t-shirt was the perfect one to pair with these trousers as although the majority of it is white, it also has the grey and black within the Guns N’ Roses pattern which matches the colour of the trousers perfectly! But it also has the pops of red, which adds a bit more colour to the outfit, and I always like to add in some colour wherever I can!


I’ve got to be honest, this is my absolute favourite way to style these trousers! I have worn this cropped cardigan from Brandy Melville so many times i’ve lost count. I bought it last summer when I was in Florida and it’s probably one of the best purchases i’ve made. Not only is it such thick material, but the colour has not faded at all and this cardigan goes with pretty much everything! I usually like to wear it as a top, but it’s also perfect for layering in the colder months. And the pop of red with these trousers just goes so well together, I already know this is going to be a go-to outfit for me in autumn!

So to keep the outfit nice and causal I wore my Nike air max 95, these trainers are so, so comfortable. The pop of red in them keeps the theme of red running throughout the outfit and they also add some height without having to wear heels! Which is perfect for these trousers as they’re a little bit long for me, but the soles on them are the perfect height!


When it comes to dressing up these trousers its pretty easy to do! I prefer to keep the outfit rather monochrome, and with these trousers you can easily do that as they look great with black, white, and grey.

As you can see, I went for black as I love the square neckline on this bodysuit! And I really recommend wearing a bodysuit for dressier outfits because it means you’re not going to have the top untucking or scrunching up at all. And since these trousers are so loose, it’s nice to have that contrast of a more fitted top.

Lastly, to stick with the dressy theme, but also keeping comfort in mind, I wore these black boots from Clarks. The heel is pretty thick, which makes them a lot more comfortable, and the pointed toe looks great peeking out the bottom of the trousers!

And there we go, 3 different ways to style snake print trousers! I hope this post has shown you just how versatile snake print is. Let me know if you also love animal print for this autumn and winter! And thanks for reading my post, I really hope you enjoyed!

Until next time, Maisie.

Published by Maisie Thompson

Hey I’m Maisie, a 20 year old Journalism student with a love for writing, fashion, travel and more... Welcome to my blog!

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