I am going to be a Cast Member in Disney World

Well I still can’t believe I get to say this but… I’m going to be moving to Florida to be a Cast Member in Disney World for the Cultural Exchange Program for Summer 2020! And you better believe there are going to be plenty of posts to come all about it, talking you through theContinue reading “I am going to be a Cast Member in Disney World”

Styling Snake Print Trousers: 3 Outfit Ideas

So I never thought i’d be sat here typing away about how much I adore wearing snake print trousers but here we are… I blooming love snake print! I bought these trousers back in January and I definitely have got my money out of them. They’re so comfortable and go with pretty much everything inContinue reading “Styling Snake Print Trousers: 3 Outfit Ideas”

5 must dos at Animal Kingdom

There’s so much to do in Disney World that it can be challenging to actually get everything done on your holiday, in fact for my family it’s practically impossible! So I thought i’d break it up for you all and share my top 5 must dos in each of the Disney parks, starting with myContinue reading “5 must dos at Animal Kingdom”

Getting a puppy: Chapter 1

Meet Minnie. My wish has finally come true, the many years of putting a puppy at the top of every birthday and Christmas wish-list was well worth it because my family got a puppy! We’ve had Minnie for 4 weeks now and its safe to say it has been the best 4 weeks. Quite tiringContinue reading “Getting a puppy: Chapter 1”