How To: Keep Warm but Stay Fashionable


Hey guys, so today i’m finally writing another fashion blogpost and I am very excited about it! Seen as it’s getting pretty cold outside I thought i’d talk about layering your outfits in order to stay warm, but still look stylish… because believe me, for years I would just wear the most boring, ugly outfits because I knew I would just be putting a big coat on top of it anyway! But no more! And hopefully this post will help you out a bit if you’re struggling with what to wear this winter…

My Top 5 Christmas Films


Yay it’s my most favourite time of the year! And although I may be 11 days late to start posting Christmas content, I thought it was about time I start… (sorry i’ve been gone for so long, I haven’t been feeling all that inspired or motivated, but I am back now, feeling refreshed and ready to start posting weekly again!)

Let’s have a little chat about ‘our thing’


Hey guys, hows it going?

I wanted to write about something a little different today… because as you may know by now, I love ranting about whats going on in my mind!

So i’ve been back at university for a month now and one thing I have heard all of my lecturers ask us in this time is, ‘What is your thing? What do you want to write about? What is your niche?’ And in all honesty I thought I knew… but it turns I don’t. And it has been playing on my mind ever since they’ve started asking. Because I’ll admit it, I enjoy having things planned out, I like to picture something in my future and know what i’m aiming towards. Otherwise I feel like I have no purpose.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Tips & Tricks


Welcome back everybody!

So as I said in my last post, I will be spamming you with a load of Disney posts for the next few months… mixed with other topics too of course! And as halloween is fast approaching us, I thought there was no better time to talk about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party then in my first Disney post:)