Styling Snake Print Trousers: 3 Outfit Ideas

So I never thought i’d be sat here typing away about how much I adore wearing snake print trousers but here we are… I blooming love snake print! I bought these trousers back in January and I definitely have got my money out of them. They’re so comfortable and go with pretty much everything inContinue reading “Styling Snake Print Trousers: 3 Outfit Ideas”

The Ethics of Fashion: How Vintage trends have helped

Vintage and retro looking clothes and outfits never go out of fashion, in fact all the latest fashion trends these days seem to be repeats of decades past. Many high street shops are selling pieces of clothing that look very retro and vintage, but the best way to really dress for a ‘vintage’ look, isContinue reading “The Ethics of Fashion: How Vintage trends have helped”