The Ethics of Fashion: Fast Fashion

The term ‘fast fashion’ is very well-known these days, however it’s still not taken as seriously by many consumers as it should. And I myself have never dove to deep into the real issues of it. However, now with much research, I have become a lot more aware of the problems fast fashion has created,Continue reading “The Ethics of Fashion: Fast Fashion”

How To: Keep Warm but Stay Fashionable

Hey guys, so today i’m finally writing another fashion blogpost and I am very excited about it! Seen as it’s getting pretty cold outside I thought i’d talk about layering your outfits in order to stay warm, but still look stylish… because believe me, for years I would just wear the most boring, ugly outfitsContinue reading “How To: Keep Warm but Stay Fashionable”

My Fashion Wishlist

Hey everyone! So with the seasons changing, and my excitement for the colder months being in full force, (as well as my clothing obsession). I’ve begun planning the kind of things I want to be wearing now, and in the months approaching… So i’ve decided to do something i’ve never properly done before, a fashionContinue reading “My Fashion Wishlist”