Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Tips & Tricks


Welcome back everybody!

So as I said in my last post, I will be spamming you with a load of Disney posts for the next few months… mixed with other topics too of course! And as halloween is fast approaching us, I thought there was no better time to talk about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party then in my first Disney post:)

How I’m Trying To Kick Anxieties Butt

Mental Health

As anyone with anxiety knows, it feels impossible to overcome, because when it’s bad it consumes you. And the one thing I think many people don’t realise, is that although you might not be having a panic attack, your anxiety can still be taking full control of your mind! And when this happens regularly it feels like a never-ending battle, that you’re going to lose… But the thing I try to remember now is that I might not be able to make it go away entirely, but I can sure as hell find ways to gently push myself to not give into it. So on days when it’s trying to control me, I can make it pipe down a bit so I can go about my day without laying in bed, avoiding everyone, and everything.