Let’s have a little chat about ‘our thing’


Hey guys, hows it going?

I wanted to write about something a little different today… because as you may know by now, I love ranting about whats going on in my mind!

So i’ve been back at university for a month now and one thing I have heard all of my lecturers ask us in this time is, ‘What is your thing? What do you want to write about? What is your niche?’ And in all honesty I thought I knew… but it turns I don’t. And it has been playing on my mind ever since they’ve started asking. Because I’ll admit it, I enjoy having things planned out, I like to picture something in my future and know what i’m aiming towards. Otherwise I feel like I have no purpose.

How I’m Trying To Kick Anxieties Butt

Mental Health

As anyone with anxiety knows, it feels impossible to overcome, because when it’s bad it consumes you. And the one thing I think many people don’t realise, is that although you might not be having a panic attack, your anxiety can still be taking full control of your mind! And when this happens regularly it feels like a never-ending battle, that you’re going to lose… But the thing I try to remember now is that I might not be able to make it go away entirely, but I can sure as hell find ways to gently push myself to not give into it. So on days when it’s trying to control me, I can make it pipe down a bit so I can go about my day without laying in bed, avoiding everyone, and everything.