Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Tips & Tricks

Welcome back everybody! So as I said in my last post, I will be spamming you with a load of Disney posts for the next few months… mixed with other topics too of course! And as halloween is fast approaching us, I thought there was no better time to talk about Mickey’s Not So ScaryContinue reading “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Tips & Tricks”

Let’s have a catch up

Wow, okay, so hey guys! Long time and umm… well no blogposts from me! So if any of you follow me on Instagram (maisiethompsonblog) you might have seen that for 3 of the weeks in September I was in Disney World Florida with my mum and brother! It’s absolutely amazing and also the place weContinue reading “Let’s have a catch up”

My Travel Bucket List | Part 2

So if anyone has read My Travel Bucket List | Part 1 you will know how much I want to travel the world. And because of this I have already planned the top 10 places I want to go, once i’ve finished Uni (two more years to go) and save up the money to achieveContinue reading “My Travel Bucket List | Part 2”