Let’s have a little chat about ‘our thing’

Hey guys, hows it going? I wanted to write about something a little different today… because as you may know by now, I love ranting about whats going on in my mind! So i’ve been back at university for a month now and one thing I have heard all of my lecturers ask us inContinue reading “Let’s have a little chat about ‘our thing’”

Let’s have a catch up

Wow, okay, so hey guys! Long time and umm… well no blogposts from me! So if any of you follow me on Instagram (maisiethompsonblog) you might have seen that for 3 of the weeks in September I was in Disney World Florida with my mum and brother! It’s absolutely amazing and also the place weContinue reading “Let’s have a catch up”

Decorating your space is essential!

So… You’re going to university, congrats! The nerves and excitement are probably controlling your entire body and if you’re anything like me, buying all your new kitchen stuff and room decor is first on your list of things to get done. And if it’s not then stop right now and reevaluate that decision.